On this episode of Fresh Pots & Dad Pops, we invite our good friend Jayson Lewis on the show. Jay shot some of the earliest Cities Never Sleep footage that exists, and we get a chance to see a couple clips. This one's a cringefest folks but let's be real, if you're watching this it's most likely for that very reason.

In the latest episode of Fresh Pots & Dad Pops we talk to Sam Dean from Crimson Tigers, Oh The Humanity!, and No Wings to Speak Of...well...and Foreknown...I suppose he's also the founder/owner of Plugyourholes. Anyhoo he's full of some great stories and we were able to catch up with him back in February while our tour was heading through Kansas City, MO. Now go on, hit play on the most structured podcast we've ever recorded. You can do it!

The boys are in route to the next gig. This week they come up with some really solid plans to get rich quick. If you make it to the end of this episode, Jake will give you a firm handshake with mild-to-severe eye contact.

On the first ever episode of Fresh Pots & Dad Pops, the boys get together to discuss pool drains, Pat's search history, and whether or not we can get Elon Musk to come on the show. A band's gotta dream!


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